The Stanley Cup has yet again had to be repaired after the Tampa Bay Lightning dented the 128-year-old cup during their boat parade with fans.

The Tampa Bay Lighting won the Stanley Cup after beating the Montreal Canadians in the championship series after 5 games.

When any professional sports team wins a championship, there is always some sort of parade for the fans and usually some champagne and other adult beverages involved. That being said, its not surprising to find out there are accidents with those championship trophies.

According to WOOD, the Tampa Bay Lightning dented the Stanley Cup and almost flattened the chalice at the top and it has now been sent to Montreal for repairs. The cup will return in time for the Lightnings summer of Stanley tour.

Although, this was not the first time the Stanley Cup has been damaged and in need of repair. WOOD reported that back in 2018 the Washington Capitals were doing "Cup" stands after they won the NHL title which led to some repairs of the cup.

The celebration in Tampa this year was much more festive compared to last year due to the pandemic. Fans were in boats traveling along side the players who were on boats and jet ski's holding the Stanley Cup high for fans to see and get photos.

In the past the Stanley Cup has been damaged in clubs, being thrown into a pool, a baby was sitting in the cup and filled its diaper, spent time at the bottom of a pool, a child has left a puddle of urine in the cup, a player has chipped his tooth drinking from the cup, dogs have ate from the cup, a child has been baptized in it, it has been drop kicked into a canal that was frozen, and I could go on and on with all the crazy incidents involving the Stanley Cup.

Soon the Stanley Cup will be repaired and make its way back to Tampa so the Lightning can celebrate with fans all over the country and even perhaps around the world. Just remember if you get close to it, beware, its almost 35lbs so its best you not touch the cup.

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