Flanagan's Irish Pub on Pearl Street is a great spot for live Irish music and a pint of Guinness, but long ago there was a museum there that featured oddities.

In an old photo, posted to the Grand Rapids subreddit, the building that once stood at 14 Pearl Street housed a museum. As subredditor WhitePineBurning explained,

Crane's Museum of Freaks, Snakes, and Whiskered Ladies was on the second floor of the building, above Houseman and May's general store. It cost a dime to get in.

The building mysteriously burned to the ground in 1873. The Rood Building was built on the site.

It's where Flanagan's is now.

To which Schmaron snarked back:

“ It's where Flanagan's is now.”

So you mean to say it is still a freak museum...

Whoa! only at night, my man. Respectable people hang there during the day, or so I've been told.

A subsequent Google search about Crane's yielded a photo of the same building from another view, but little else of the Museum, or the women with the probably fake facial hair who hung out there.

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