There's a new reality TV show coming May 19th to your favorite porn-watching device, and it's called The Sex Factor, because of course it is! It's from a website I didn't even know about until recently, XHamster. They're the ones blocking visits from North Carolina.

They're auditioning eight men and eight women to win $1 Million, and become the next big porn star. So, of course, they have to show their skills, or lack thereof.

My favorite lines from the uncensored trailer:

"You're the worst f*** I've ever had. I'm afraid she's going to bite my d*** if she blows me."

"Don't bite his d***."

That's good advice for everyone looking to do that. Don't bite the D.

Will porn still be sexy for you after you watch them try to make movies, and you get to see all the behind the scenes stuff?

Some of the contestants look a bit weird, but I guess that's normal for porn peeps, right? Like the super geek dude, and goth-boy-feminist Sonny Keegan. But more importantly, check out some of the hotties, like Allie, Veronica, and Khaya, who are a few of my favorites.

The Sex Factor premieres on Thursday, and even though no one has even seen this season, they're already taking applications for the next season! So if you think you're the next big thing for porn (some pun intended), then sign yourself up, and you might get your shot (more pun intended)!

Check out the dirtier, longer, and uncut promo on their website.

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