Mike lost his wallet in Lowell this weekend, and somehow it came back to him with everything still in it. Are you the guy who found it?

A Call To Say 'Thanks!'

Tuesday morning Jenny called me with a great story. It seems her boyfriend Mike somehow was parted from his wallet while in Lowell over the weekend, and like most of us, that caused him some mild panic. There were some uncashed checks from his business in there, not to mention his debit card, and all his identification.

But fear not, someone found the wallet, and it began it's circuitous route back home, and was returned Sunday with everything intact.

So they would like to say 'Thank you' to the people who combined to bring the wallet back home, and they would like to do it in person, if possible.

It Began With A Delivery Driver

It was a driver for Amazon who stumbled across the wallet first. Whether he saw it laying along the railroad tracks while delivering a package, or was able to spy it form his drivers seat is unclear, but he found it and picked it up.

He opened it up to find an ID that would help him return it, but there was a catch. Mike had moved and his address was the last place he lived. The driver shoved it in the mailbox of the old address, thinking he had completed his task.

The Wallet Needed One More Hero

The new resident at Mike's old address then did some searching to find Mike's new address, and the wallet finally made it back home, again, with everything intact.

So Jenny and Mike would like to publicly say, 'Thanks!' to everyone involved in the journey.

If you have any information on who the driver could be, let me know in the comments or by calling my show weekdays 6am-9am 616-459-9898, and I'll pass it on.

Oh, I almost forgot, Jenny remembered the Amazon truck number. It was number 30, if that helps.

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