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Want to own a piece of Michigan history?

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Shiels Tavern is in Hubbardston northeast of Ionia. It is the oldest continuously operating bar in Michigan.

Lately, they've been celebrating St. Patrick's Day and some birthdays, but Shiels Tavern is full of history. The bar opened in 1878 and some are still talking about that time a guy rode a horse in the front door and out the back. Others not-so-fondly recall the time they ran out of beer during a snowstorm.

Cheryl Reeves, Century 21 Lee-Mac Realty

If it's something that interests you, it's too bad you didn't buy it earlier. It was once for sale for $275.00.

Cheryl Reeves, Century 21 Lee-Mac Realty

Today, Cheryl Reeves at Century 21 Lee-Mac Realty is listing it for $169,000.