Today on Segment 16, the guys discuss the WZZM Friday segment where they are doing a Newlywed Game with Val Lego, and Dan Harland. They're not engaged to each other, and the guys can't remember Val's fiancee's name, so he's been renamed Hank Myeggo, so Val can become Val Lego Myeggo.

The guys would have loved to be a part of the segment, and be able to host, and ask their questions for the Newlywed show.

Yes, the did go in the dad-joke direction for a minute or two.

Then, Free Beer and Producer Steve resolve the Thursday commentary issue, and they have decided to split the bit in half, with one of them taking the first half, and the other finishing up the second half.

Somewhere along the way, one of you listeners decided to email Free Beer and tell him that he's Hillary Clinton in the commentary argument, which is probably the most hurtful thing said today. Free Beer is very sad.

But him a donut and coffee or something, jeez, mean people.

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