Today on Segment 16, the guys are tired from their long night watching game 7 of the World Series. It was a late game, and the extra inning didn't do anything to help.

Also, the Cubs winning didn't do much for their disposition, since now four of them have to get awful haircuts.

It was a long, but fun, night at the radio station, where the guys convened to watch the final game of the Series together. They'd brought a ton of food and drinks, and gathered to live stream their reactions to the game as it happened.

Both sides of the bet had ups and downs, and the rain delay and extra inning really didn't do anything to make anyone any happier, and they just ended up wanting the game to end, however it turned out.

The Cubs won, the guys didn't get much sleep, and now Free Beer, Hot Wings, Steve, and Justin have to get Costanza haircuts, and keep them for two weeks.

No one is happy about it, except for Joe.

Watch the whole game broadcast below, it really was fun.

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