Ever heard of anyone with a saliva fetish? Yea, its like a creepy sex fetish thing. I never heard of it either till one of the guys I work with told me this story this morning. A 55 year old Japanese guy named Toshiko Mizuno was arrested for approaching young girls, and asking them to spit into a jar, and then filming them while they did it, and then collecting their saliva.

He would tell the girls he was doing research on salvia, in order to convince the girls to spit into the jar. Only he wasn’t doing research on saliva, he was a creepy dude with a saliva fetish, and he would go home and drink their saliva! Gag! Gag! Barf! How freaking gross and disturbing is that! When cops searched his house, they found video tapes of over 200 chicks spitting in jars for the guy, and they found a whole bunch of empty jars, that use to have saliva in them, but not anymore because the guy drank all the saliva that was in the jars! They also found videos of the guy using the girls saliva as lubricant while he masturbated! Yuk!


Japanese cops arrested this creepy 55 year old Japanese saliva fetish freak and charged him with indecency, because I guess the guy never actually did anything sexual to the chicks, he never physically assaulted any of them, he just made them spit in the jars and filmed it then drank the spit and tossed off with it! I think I’m gonna barf.

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