7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness- Day 7
It's Halloween! Today is also day 7 of my 7 Days of Halloween creepiness! This image is crazy! I can't decide how I feel about it really. It's a tattoo a guy has and its done in 3d! It looks like a real doll but in actuality it's just a tattoo! BAH! Weirdness... check it out, Hap…
7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness- Day 6
Alright this was sent to me this morning and I don't know if it's actually real but if it is it's super creepy! The story is that this is an actual picture of Sylvia Plath when they found her... you can decide if it's real or not!
7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness- Day 5
It's day 5 of my creepy photo marathon. This photo was sent to me actually from one of you! This is one of the creepiest "group costumes" I have ever seen. Mainly because it doesn't look like they are dressed up to party, or trick r' treat, it looks like they are …
7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness- Day 4
Oh lord it's day 4... I am starting to regret this little project. Lot's of creepy stuff on the internet folks. Here ya go though, day 4, nice and creepy! Hopefully the story behind it is not true... but I guess we will never know.

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