On Saturday, June 10th, I went to check out the first ever Grand Rapids Asian Festival, at Rosa Parks Circle. It was boiling hot, but I love Asian food and culture so much, I dealt with the sweat. It was great!

So many different cultures were represented, with not only food, but clothing, art, music, and dance. There were performers all day, showcasing many different cultures. Dancing, singing, music.

And, of course, the food! I love me some great Asian food, and there was a lot of it to be had. I had a little Vietnamese, and some Thai, but the lines were kind of long for a lot of these places. The Korean BBQ from Emonae had a big line, as did Angel Thai. The beer, as always, had a pretty solid line to it.

It was great, and a lot of people came out, which you can see in the video.

My only complaint? The metal tables, blinding the hell out of you as you tried to eat. It was a bright, hot day, and the sun reflecting off those tables was insane.

I'm totally looking forward to next year, though!

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