First of all, the guy in the picture IS NOT ME! I couldn’t find a picture of me when I was fat, so I just put up a picture of that fat guy. Copy that?

So a little less than a year ago I was fat and creepy. So I decided to go on a single guy man diet. It worked quite well, I lost 43lbs, and now I’m just creepy, not FAT and creepy! I started out at 223lbs, and now I’m down and holding steady at 180lbs. Here is how I did it. It’s probably not a very healthy diet, so I’m not recommending it, I’m just telling what worked for me, and if you decide to try too, well good luck to ya!

First thing I did was stop drinking 12 to 15 beers five to six nights a week. Now I only drink 12 to 15 beers two to three nights a week.

Then I started the single guy man diet. Here is how it goes.

I would wake up in the morning and drink 4 or 5 diet Mountain Dews and smoke a few cigarettes.

Then I wouldn’t eat anything until about 3 in the afternoon, and when I was absolutely starving, I would eat a bag of M&M’s. This took the hunger edge off.

When I got home around 7:15pm, I would cook up 3 or 4 eggs, some toast and bacon.

Then around 10pm, right before bed, I would eat a massive plate of brownies, or about 15 double stuffed Oreos or 6 or 7 pieces of cake, and drink two glasses of milk.

This was only during the week, on weekends I would eat normal.

And by doing this every day, I lost 43lbs!

Pretty cool huh?


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