If you live in Belding, heads up… the city will give you a discount on your water if you’re leaving a steady stream running so your lines don’t freeze up.

According to WOODTV, all you have to do is call the City of Belding utility services at 616-794-1900 ext. 217 during business hours and let them know you’re running a stream the size of a pencil led, and they will make sure to discount your bill.

WOODTV also shared a few signs that mean your pipes or meter is starting to freeze up, such as

  • A slight decrease in water pressure

  • Rusty or cloudy water

  • Extremely cold water that’s less than 35 degrees

  • A history of freezing water lines


According to the WOODTV story, Kalamazoo has the same program in effect for their residents as well, although Kalamazoo officials say you should run the steady stream of water until April 1st.

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