Spring brings morel mushroom hunting. See where to go for the best chance to find morel mushrooms in West Michigan and beyond.

Morel mushrooms will often grow where there has been a wildfire or a prescribed burn. The Michigan DNR helps morel mushroom hunters each year with an updated map that shows every location in Michigan where there was a fire of 10 acres or more the previous year.

The morel mushroom map for 2019 shows several opportunities in West Michigan. There are a couple of spots near Belding, one near Allendale and four close to Fennville. Travel a little further and you'll find dozens across Michigan. Allegan county was a morel mushroom hunting hotspot last year too when it had 11 locations earmarked by the Michigan DNR.

Morel mushroom hunting tips:

  • You are most likely to find morel mushrooms in places where jack, white or red pine once grew.
  • Mushrooms like shade. Open areas with sunlight are less likely to have morel mushrooms.
  • Look early. There is a lot of competition to find morel mushrooms.
  • Learn how to properly identify morel mushrooms.

Good luck!

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