One day down, 3 more to go! Who will be crowned this years WGRD Heavyweight Champion?

This Friday at The Stache, come check out Day 2 of the WGRD Heavyweights, where local metal bands from West Michigan rock it on stage while you cast your vote of who you think deserves the crown.

Unfortunately, I missed the first day of the Heavyweights due to the first day of the WGRD Pond Hockey Classic but I will be at the rest of them, including the finals. It is a bummer because I missed a few bands that I really enjoy, especially Deveraux.

However, I will be back to host these fine events this Friday! So come on down, grab some beers from the bar, and cast your vote on who you think should be the WGRD Heavyweight Champion this year.

This week, Society Kills, Caligari, Seraphim, and Blackgate will be performing for your vote!

Buy tickets HERE or at The Intersection Box office.