Right now Michigan is in the middle of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and some counties are getting hit much harder than others.

One of the many statistics that can be used to determine the extent of COVID-19 outbreaks in different Michigan counties is the number of cases per million people.  This statistic is a good indicator of how widespread an outbreak is in a certain community.  The list below ranks Michigan counties by the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases per million people.

  • 1

    Dickinson County

    Cases per million: 55,526

    Confirmed cases: 1,453 | Confirmed deaths: 28

    Dickinson County is a sparsely populated county of a little over 26,000 people in the Upper Peninsula.

  • 2

    Delta County

    Cases per million: 55,383

    Confirmed cases: 2,053 | Confirmed deaths: 47

    Delta County is located in the Upper Peninsula right on Big Bay De Noc and is home to 37,069 Michiganders.

  • 3

    Iron County

    Cases per million: 53,990

    Confirmed cases: 638 | Confirmed deaths: 28

    Iron County is one of the least populated counties in the state with only 11,817 residents. Iron County is located in the Upper Peninsula along the Wisconsin border.

  • 4

    Menominee County

    Cases per million: 44,779

    Confirmed cases: 1,076 | Confirmed deaths: 12

    Menominee County is another county in the Upper Peninsula that borders both Wisconsin and Green Bay.  The county is home to a little more than 24,000.

  • 5

    Kent County

    Cases per million: 44,613

    Confirmed cases: 26,885 | Confirmed deaths: 287

    Kent County is home to Grand Rapids, which is the second largest city in Michigan.  Kent County is also the 4th more populated county in the state with over 600,000 residents.

  • 6

    Ottawa County

    Cases per million: 42,521

    Confirmed cases: 11,217 | Confirmed deaths: 116

    Ottawa County is the most populated lakeshore county in the state and the 8th most populated county overall.  Ottawa County is home to 263,801 people.

  • 7

    Branch County

    Cases per million: 38,830

    Confirmed cases: 1,757 | Confirmed deaths: 24

    Branch County is a small county of about 45,000 residents located along the border between Michigan and Indiana.

  • 8

    Oceana County

    Cases per million: 37,373

    Confirmed cases: 993 | Confirmed deaths: 13

    Oceana County is another lakeshore community along Lake Michigan.  It is home to 26,570 Michiganders.

  • 9

    Macomb County

    Cases per million: 36,053

    Confirmed cases: 30,320 | Confirmed deaths: 1,161

    Macomb County is located in the Detroit metropolitan area and is the 3rd most populous county in the state with over 840,000 residents.

  • 10

    Muskegon County

    Cases per million: 35,502

    Confirmed cases: 6,113 | Confirmed deaths: 145

    Muskegon County is another West Michigan county along the lakeshore and it is home to 172,188 people.

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