The Lingerie Football League is a bit of a joke to a lot of people, but what those people fail to understand is that these girls play to win! The league has gone from being a single game spectacle into a full blown league with 12 teams, a 20 game regular season schedule and 3 playoff games. They don't hold their punches either, these girls hit hard!

We want you to help us rank these 10 massive hits! Watch all the videos then vote on which one was the most bone-crushing blow on the bottom of the page. Only you can choose which lady's hit was the hardest.

  • Philly Passion Sideline Hit

  • Kam Warner Gets Hit Hard

  • Nikki Johnson Big Hit

  • McCrary Knock Out Hit

  • Nikki Johnson Gets A Late Hit

  • Elizabeth Crisante-Green Crushes Ball Carrier

  • The Tampa Breeze Stopped By Elizabeth Crisante-Green

  • Etta Paul Destroys A Baltimore Defender

  • Huge Sideline Hit

  • Open Field Hit