You wouldn't think the English language could change so much throughout a single country, but there's a really big difference in words' pronunciations north, south, east and west.

Moving up here from Texas last year, I've begun learning a lot about how things are said here. And I have to be honest: I'm still not any good at the words.

I will still say 'Mack-in-nack' Island, but mostly for funnies.

So, we thought it would be funny to send the people I used to work with in El Paso a list of Michigan and Midwest words and see how they come out!

It's fantastic, actually! Discover which word sounds like something from Lord of the Rings; that someone knows that poutine is food, but thinks it's a salad; and more!

Oh, and I can't forget, "Gokebitch!" My fav!

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