Thrash metal legends Testament, Exodus, and Shattered Sun are bringing their "Dark Roots of Thrash" tour to The Intersection in Grand Rapids tonight!

In anticipation of the show, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick visited Fox 17 this morning to talk about tonight's concert, a new album, and more. Watch the interview here!

At the Intersection tonight, Skolnick says we can expect to hear Testament's first two albums,  ‘The Legacy’ and ‘The New Order’ , including deeper cuts that fans may not have heard in years.

According to Skoknick, Testament is sounding better than ever, due in part to the evolution of sound equipment.

Skolnick says that back in the '80s and '90s, sound systems just could not handle Testament's musical style, and that now,

"You are hearing these songs in a way that you couldn't hear them back then."

Skolnick reveals that metal isn't his only passion.  He has a degree in  jazz and recently put out a world music album, Planetary Coalition.

As far as a new Testament album, Skolnick says that the band did anticipate having it completed by now, but that things don't always go according to schedule. He says the new album will happen later this year.