Today will be the first visit to see the veterinarian for the new puppy.

When I was a kid, my dad and I usually had a beagle or an English setter that we would take hunting.

We spent a lot of time together working with the dogs to get them ready to hunt rabbits, grouse, pheasants and woodcock or all of them depending on the dog.

Now granted my dad did most of the training, I was a little kid just hanging around watching and learning and of course playing with the dog. I did have some dog chores though, I would feed and water and got the joy of cleaning the dog kennel. Again I was little, so dad did most of that, too.

So my dad and my mom did all the technical stuff like taking the dog to the vet and making sure they got their shots or worm medicine.

When I got a little older my sister got brought home a black lab and surprised my parents with a new dog. She was pretty little at the time and she and her friend met someone who had a box of puppies and offered them a free one, so my sister took them up on their offer. I have to say, it was a pretty slick move on how to acquire a dog for a kid.

The lab and later on a Doberman were the first house dogs we ever had but mom handled all the duties for both of these dogs from feeding, watering and vet trips.

Part of the deal in getting the new dog from Barking Boutique for my son involved getting him to the vet in the first week. I didn't realize booking a vet appointment was as difficult as getting a human doctors appointment but luckily I was able to make it happen and close to the house.

Since I had no previous vet experience with an animal other than waiting in the car for my mom or dad, everything is a first for me. I will say the folks at Barking Boutique really gave me all the information that I needed and were very thorough in their instructions and I was the nerd taking notes into my phone.

I was told to get a stool sample which I was not excited about but since COVID-19 kicked in, I have had a solid supply of rubber gloves and went to work early this morning on bagging up a fresh pile.

I learned from the vet that it's similar to going to a people doctor - you pull in, call them, they come out and grab the paperwork and the stool sample. Then we wait to get called in for an examination room.

So far the pup has been very receptive of all the people he has come in contact with so hopefully this first vet stop will go just as smooth.

What I learned from writing this is the circle of life. When my sister or I got a pet, mom and dad did most of the work. Now I get a dog for my son and now I do most of the work.

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