I’d be lying if I never said that I never etched my name into a public surface. I think it’s something we’ve all done at one time or another, but it’s usually on a bathroom, stall door, or a wooden rail that is already covered by hundreds of names and messages.

But I can definitely say I have never deliberately vandalized a brand, new handrail, which is something one couple cannot say in the upper peninsula. Unfortunately, enough for them, they decided to vandalize a new handrail on the boardwalk at the Tahquamenon Falls, and the people who run their social media page didn’t appreciate the gesture.

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Tahquamenon Falls State Park
Tahquamenon Falls State Park

This led to Tahquamenon Falls issuing a statement to the couple in which they absolutely and completely roasted them beyond comprehension. Tahquamenon Falls literally went right for the jugular, and everybody in the comment section was there for it:

Dear Mike & Tanya,
Just because this new boardwalk will likely be around longer than your relationship doesn’t mean we all want to read about it. Sincerely, Everyone trying to enjoy the beauty of the Lower Falls
Naturally, everybody called it as they saw it:
TFSP straight savages! Love it. Cant wait for July
Not only is there a new boardwalk in the falls area, but there are also free libraries located on the grounds as well, where people can take and leave books. This vandalism will hopefully wake people up that there are better ways to commemorate your visit than to vandalize property, especially at a state park.

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