Wingstock 2012

Wingstock 2012 Photo Gallery
Wingstock 2012 is over, but we won't forget the great music we heard that night. The gates opened around 4p.m. at the Fifth Third Ballpark before the event was delayed due to a "little" rain storm. Eventually the performances were able to continue, and the audience experienced…
A Look Back at Wingstock 2012 [Video]
Well, Wingstock once again conquered Grand Rapids with mind-altering rock! We saw incredible rock and incredible weather. We all survived it's clutch and live to preach the rock once more next year... WINGSTOCK 2013 BE NIGH! Check out all the highlights from Wingstock 2012 HERE!
Jackie and JT Talk Wingstock With Wayland [Video]
WGRD has once again called down the mighty thunder of Wayland to rock the Wingstock stage. Come on down to Fifth Third Ballpark today and get your tickets to see Wayland along with the rest of the lineup. Jackie and JT got a chance to catch up with Wayland... here are the fruits of their convo!
Jackie and JT Catches Up With Our Lady Peace [Video]
Wingstock is upon us and WGRD has sent the mighty onslaught down to Fifth Third Ball Park. Jackie got a chance to talk with this year's headliner--Our Lady Peace. Tickets are still available so if you're looking for something to do for your saturday... come on down, get your tickets and ro…
Everything You Need To Know About Attending Wingstock 2012 Today
Wingstock 2012 gets underway today and in order to keep good times maximized and arrests minimized, we've produced the following list of information.
Gates open at 4pm.  But if you're sneaking in by climbing over the outfield wall, then you can get there whenever you want...
Wingstock “After Party” tickets on sale now!
Only 150 tickets will sold to our exclusive GRD Wingstock “After party” at the Pepsi Club inside 5/3rd Ballpark.  Join us after Wingstock 2012 to hang with band members & members of the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show plus~win some door prizes and we&Close…
Wingstock 2012 Spotlight – Dokken [VIDEO]
At last we arrive at one of  our most unusual picks of the Wingstock 2012 line up - Dokken.
But there is a reason.  Sit down and settle in kiddies as former Late 80's hairband expert JT schools ya on what the hipsters and music snobs just don't get about us members of "Hair Nation".   You s…

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