We're having our first GRD "after party" after Wingstock 2012 this year. It'll be held in the Pepsi Club immediately following the concert at 5/3rd Ballpark. Free Beer & Hot Wings will host and if you plan on attending you'll get to rub elbows with some of the band members, hang with Free Beer & Hot Wings, and maybe win some great door prizes like a Bootleg CD from 2006 or if you're real lucky - a left over producer Joe bobble head doll.

Free Beer & Hot Wings opened up an interesting discussion bank on their show about the after party that made me curious.  Which band member do you think will be the most drunk at the After Party?  I've listed the most "likely" suspects but I could get be way off so there is an open slot for you to add a missing candidate.  So, who do YOU think will be the most drunk Wingstock artist at the GRD after party?  Vote now!

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