Step Aside, Pizza Rat, Undertaker Rat is Here [Video]
Or Rat Rat, if you prefer. Just as the seasons change, so do the things rats drag around. This summer, the internet was enamored with a rat dragging around a piece of pizza. But now it's winter, and it's time to be enamored with a rat dragging around... another dead rat.
Rat in New York Attempts to Enjoy His Delicious Pizza
I have never been to New York City, but I have always wanted to travel there! I love visiting big cities because there is always so much stuff in them!
This video is trending right now, and while most people find small vermin like mice and rats gross, you can't help but think this is at least a …
Rat Bites Man’s Penis! From the Bar Stool:
It’s no fun when a big rat takes a bite out of your penis! I was drinking with this chick a few nights ago and we were sharing crazy news stories we both had recently heard, and she told me about this guy. A 54 year old NY guy doing time in a Nassau County Correctional Facility, had a few mental …
Rat Crawls Onto Unlucky Subway Rider’s Face [VIDEO]
It's hard to imagine a worse way to wake up than with a rat perched on your face.
But that's exactly what happened to this man, who was sleeping on a New York City subway car when a rat scurried up his pants leg and onto his face. Now, NYC doesn't exactly have a reputation for being the cleanest city…