humane society of west michigan

Chloe Stopped by the GRD Studios Today!
I used to have a Jack Russell Terrier till about last year when we sadly had to put him down. He was the best dog we have ever had! When this little dog came into the studio today, I couldn't help but like her right away.
Meet Chloe! Your potential new family member!
Rocky Visits the WGRD Studios!
Another awesome dog stopped by the WGRD studio today from the Humane Society of West Michigan!
The eye of the tiger himself, Rocky stopped by!
Doug Stopped By The WGRD Studios!
Doug...who is Doug? Doug is a dog!
He and the Humane Society of West Michigan stopped by the GRD studios for a visit! Doug has a pretty sad story though...
This Fluffy Little Dude Stopped by the GRD Studios
I may be a burly strong dude (who am I kidding...), but when I see fluffy little bunnies, puppies, and can't help but melt a little bit.
This week, the Humane Society of West Michigan made a stop by the GRD studios and brought this little fluffy rabbit!
Humane Society Of West Michigan Visits Us!
Every week we get a visit from the Human Society Of West Michigan bringing us some sort of cute animal that is in need of a home. This week they brought Moe. Moe is adorable and I immediately fell in love with him along with the rest of our staff. If you are looking to adopt a pet go meet Moe, you&a…
Puppies at the Radio Station!
My office mate is Andy Rent, from 100.5 The River, WTRV-FM.
Andy hosts a morning segment every Wednesday called Wet Nose Wednesday.
In preparation for this week's Wet Nose Wednesday, there were two puppies at the radio station studios. I am in love and had to share.
Now, I currently do not have room…