The Humane Society of West Michigan is known for a lot of things... but art? Well, they're willing to take a crack at it!

For a limited time, HSWM will draw a custom portrait of your pet for a minimum $10 donation. All proceeds will go to support shelter animals in need!

Now, they admit that art may not be their forte, saying in a Facebook post:

All artwork will be personally made by our dedicated staff and volunteers who are (mostly) a lot better at caring for animals than drawing. It may or may not be good, but it will definitely be one of a kind!

To get a drawing made of your pet, make a minimum $10 donation here and then comment on the below Facebook post with a picture of your four-legged family member.

If you'd like to support HSWM, but aren't interested in a pet portrait, you can donate here.

For over 130 years, HSWM has been engaging with the community to carry out its mission: To promote the humane treatment and responsible care of animals in West Michigan through education, example, placement and protection.

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