'The Ring VS. The Grudge' Movie Officially Announced [Video]
Just as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees were icons of 1980's horror films, so were Samara and Kayako in the early 2000's. The long-haired ladies from The Ring and The Grudge terrified audiences around the world, and now it appears that they'll appear together in what is guaranteed t…
Horror for Christmas - Don't Move is a Great Scary Short Film
Good horror isn't just for Halloween! You can enjoy a great scary movie anytime you want! So this holiday season, instead of only watching all those National Lampoon movies again (for the millionth time), watch some cool horror films!
Today's horror for Christmas gift is a little movie I found today.…
The First Live Horror Movie Just Debuted on Periscope [Video]
When Periscope came out not too long ago, people started slowly showing things like they did when YouTube first began...like their town, their cars, stuff like that. Then bands started to use it to show behind the scenes stuff live, which is cool.
Now, a movie company, Blumhouse, has gotten into the …

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