Thursday night, we were lucky enough to get in to see Rob Zombie's new movie "31" at the special sneak preview hosted by Fathom Events. The movie isn't due to be released on VOD until later this month, and will be in theaters in October. We're not going to spoil the movie for you, but share some of our thoughts on what we saw. See the video below.

We also go to give away a bunch of tickets to the showing, thanks to Fathom, and got some cool comments on the movie from our winners, too!

The movie was AWESOME.. I HATE clowns but wasn't too disturbed by them... Would definitely recommend watching this movie...might have to go again. Thanks for the tickets!


Movie was great. Felt almost real like you were there. Loved the gore and I'm a huge fan of clowns.  Felt like it was a little short but other than that no complaints here. Can definitely tell this is a Rob Zombie flick but I think that's awesome. His style rules. Thanks WGRD for a good night out with the wife.


If you love Rob Zombie movies, then this is right up your alley! If you're not into horror films, or edgy, fringe films, this might not be. But as Rob Zombie said in the post-movie interview, "Not everyone is into this kind of thing. This movie is not for everyone."

Even if you absolutely HATE clowns, like Jessica and Christine, this movie won't be too much with the clown action. They're too haggard-looking as clowns to give the full clown effect, not like Pennywise from "It".

The Fathom Event was really cool, kicking off with two new Rob Zombie music videos, then the movie, and ending with an interview with Rob about the movie, and his career, and then 10-15 minutes of the upcoming documentary covering the making of the movie. Really cool show!

I highly recommend Fathom stuff. I've seen a few movie events, and they're always cool.

"31" hits VOD mid-September, and goes into theaters in October.