You know by now how much I love scary movies. The scarier and weirder it is, the more I'm likely to enjoy it. 'The Exorcist'? Fav. 'The Sentinel'? Fav. 'Hellraiser'? Fav. This movie 'The Witch' looks like it could add itself to the list, with its creepy look, and evil.

I hope they don't get forced into a Hollywood ending in order to open things up for a million crappy sequels, like 'Paranormal Activity' did. Not that all the PA movies are terrible, but the other endings for the original PA was cool, creepy, and final. I liked that.

Now, if you set things up for more movies in this story, and don't have a crappy Hollywood ending, I'm fine with that. Like 'The Blair Witch Project', where they left things open, even though the follow up movie didn't do anything with the story.

There's nothing wrong with leaving us with questions, or creeped out, just scare the s*** out of us, and let us go. I hope this movie does this for me, but I don't think we'll get a release here until 2016.

I can wait.

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