Chicks In Yoga Pants
Do the pants make the girls, or do the girls make the pants? No one knows and in the end who really cares?  Yoga can be a win-win for everybody now.  Gotta give a nod to our friends at E Baums World for this sweet gallery.
Happy Skankoween! A Gallery of Hot Halloween Costumes [PHOTOS]
Halloween is an excuse for kids to eat tons of candy, crappy horror flicks to be released, and most importantly, for chicks to dress  up all s____ like!  With the holiday fast approaching, now is a good time to give said chicks some ideas on how to really s___ it up all nice for us this year.  Now t…
Sexy Twin Mania~
Two for Tuesday treat for you.
Some of these twins are just freaking amazing! Thank you!
Tricks Chicks Use To Get Free Drinks From You.
It's been said that there is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like a fool.  Now the same can be said about buying chicks drinks at the bar and thinking your gonna get somewhere.  Thought I should warn my bros and blow the lid completely off  this scam…
Tattoo Chicks Are Slutty
Alright guys....if your headed out to the bar this weekend looking to pick up a chick and make the intercourse with her........I got some advice for ya that will increase your chances of picking up a chick by 75%.......and thats a pretty big %-age.......when you walk into a bar, and scope the place …
How To Nail A Chick When You Get Her Back To Your Place
And guys....if you’re going out cruising for chicks this weekend....I wish you the best of luck.....but, just cuz you pull a hot chick out of the bar and get her back to your place....doesn't mean it’s a sure thing that she'll spend the next few hours riding…