Okay so this is the most amazing news in the world. Honestly it's like the taco bell gods heard me bitching and thought, "damn, we gotta help out miss Jackie Green!" They have decided to release the cool ranch dorito taco! AH!

Just a few days ago I was sitting with our web guy, Steve and we were munching on some Taco Bell. He was indulging in the new-ish nacho cheese dorito loco taco. I told him this, Taco Bell needs to get with it and get a cool ranch flavor because that would be AMAZING.

Low and behold they have done it! The CEO of Taco Bell appeared on CBS News this morning and confirmed they would offer their Doritos Locos Tacos in Cool Ranch flavor.

Hopefully you are reading this and thinking the same thoughts as me... "THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!"

I will see you at Taco Bell people!

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