According to the Guardian, doctors at a youth clinic in Stockholm, Sweden, are giving out free measuring tapes to their patients. The purpose: to make sure that guys are fitted with properly-sized condoms.

Don't worry though, the measuring tape does NOT measure length. (Whew!) The Guardian states, "The specially designed tape, which measures circumference and not length, will be handed out free of charge at the clinic from Tuesday.

'A common reason for a condom slipping off or breaking during sex is that you’ve bought the wrong size,’ a male nurse at the clinic, Eddie Sandstrom, said in a podcast on its website. 'You have to measure the circumference of the penis when erect, not the length. On our measuring tape you get the measurement in millimetres and a few recommendations for condom types that are suitable.'

Sandstrom said that other awareness campaigns had not succeeded in getting more Swedes to use condoms."

This campaign is particularly directed towards teens and young adults, who are currently at the highest risk of contracting an STI. And although the clinic's campaign doesn't officially begin until Tuesday, Sandstrom says there are already plenty of guys interested in getting the measuring tape.

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