It's been pretty customary in years past for men and women to greet each other in professional settings with a peck on the cheek; however, with the recent wave of sexual assault exposures, that custom may be on its way out. 

Recently mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio was under fire for giving female legislators pecks on the cheeks while he gave the men handshakes. What a monster...

When asked about it de Blasio responded by stating it has been a custom for most of his professional career and he means it to be a sign of respect.

Although it may seem okay for now, workplace etiquette consultant Stephen Viscusi says, "“The hug and the kiss are dead."

"There's absolutely no reason why a woman should be greeted any differently than a man in business today. A firm handshake is the most important thing —  just directly —  and look right in the eye.”

He also points out that the flu is going around and if you're really that bothered by a kiss on the cheek to just say no.

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