Little did you know, Ivan Drago from Rocky IV has become an actual doctor! He once punched Sylvester Stallone so hard in the chest that Sly had to be rushed to the hospital and almost died! I can't really continue with this, because an actual Russian doctor has killed a patient...with ONE PUNCH!

Apparently the patient was in the clinic and kicked a nurse that was trying to help him. When Dr. Ilya Zelendinov found out, he lost his s*** and went after the patient. He yanked him off the exam table, asked why he would hit his nurse, and then punched the shirtless man, knocking him to the floor, and then went after the patient's friend.

What no one noticed for a while, was that the patient was completely motionless the doorway. He'd hit his head on the floor when knocked out, and died.

There was a bit of struggle with the other person, and when that finished, the nurses and doctor noticed the shirtless patient lying still. They tried to resuscitate him, but the guy was dead.

The doctor lost his job and could serve up to two years in prison, since the investigation so far has determined that he didn't mean to kill the man.

The relatively minor charge reflects the fact there is "no grounds to say that the doctor wanted to murder the patient," investigators said.

"If the victim had stayed on his feet or hit his head on a less hard surface, the consequences would not have been so critical."


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