As the weather warms up, Michigan's zoos will be opening up. Now is the time to start planning some springtime fun!  Here's something to check out - This Michigan zoo exhibit is in the running for best in the U.S.!

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USA Today and 10Best are seeking the top zoo attractions in the country. These exhibits "not only educate but also engage visitors by transporting them to another place, whether it be the foothills of the Himalayas, a Florida swamp, or the Australian outback."

A panel of experts nominated 20 zoo exhibits from around the U.S. that are the most impressive, immersive, and informative. Now it's up to a public vote to determine the top ten.

The Michigan exhibit up for Best Zoo Exhibit 2024?

The Devereaux Tiger Forest at the Detroit Zoo!

Detroit Zoo, Facebook
Detroit Zoo, Facebook

First opening after a major renovation in 2019, $3.5-million habitat occupies 1 acre in the Detroit Zoo’s Asian Forest. It's home to two endangered Amur Tigers.

Detroit Zoo, Facebook
Detroit Zoo, Facebook

The space is designed closely mirror the tigers’ native landscape of far eastern Russia with naturalistic elements important to tigers, including elevated vantage points, open spaces, wooded areas, pools, a waterfall and a “catnap” cave.

The Detroit Zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals representing more than 200 species of amphibians, mammals, birds and reptiles.

Here's USA Today's praise for the Devereaux Tiger Forest Exhibit at the Detroit Zoo:

The Devereaux Tiger Forest exhibit at the Detroit Zoo provides a home to two endangered Amur tigers: Nikolai and Ameliya. The enclosure features naturalistic elements you might find in the tigers’ natural environment, including elevated vantage points, wooded areas, pools, open spaces, a cave, and a waterfall.

You can vote for the Devereaux Tiger Forest Exhibit once per day through March 4th at noon  here!

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