A German man died on Christmas Day after he and his two accomplices tried to blow up a condom vending machine.

The incident occurred when the three men blew up the condom machine, and a shard of metal shrapnel hit the victim in the head. The other two accomplices reportedly brought the man to the hospital in the town of Schoeppingen, which is near the Dutch border. There, one of the accomplices told doctors that the victim's head injuries were due to a fall down the stairs. The doctors were suspicious of the story, so they notified the police.

According to Reuters, "During questioning, police said, one of them admitted that the three had blown up the condom machine, and that their cohort was hit in the head by metal as he tried to take cover from the explosion." The men fled the explosion by car, leaving condoms and money scattered in a debris-laden mess. What legal action will be taken against the two accomplices has yet to be fully determined.

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