Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a story from WOOD TV where they investigate hundreds of complaints about restaurant foods. Rat tails, cockroaches, thumbtacks, bandages, and more...what could be in your food?

Two cousins went to eat some crab rangoons, bought themselves some, and were into the third one, when they found a curled up rat tail inside it. WTF!

So WOOD TV checked out complaints for restaurants, and found hundreds of them! Everything from mouse droppings, fish hanging in restaurants, fingernails, bandaids, and even more gross stuff in food.

People have been more sensitive to the issue since the closing of XO Asian Cuisine last year. So many people were sad to find out that there were a lot of violations there, and their half price sushi Tuesday were very popular.

WOOD TV also has an interactive search feature on their website, so you can find your favorite restaurant, and see if they do gross things with their food.

We still think they should have named names in this news report.

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