Michigan continues to rack up the wins over the State of Ohio. This time in food. Not only is Michigan home to the best Reuben Sandwich, here... And best pizza, here... but now, the best burger ranking ahead of Ohio, too.

Who has the best burger, Michigan or Ohio?

  • According to website, Far & Wide, Michigan outranks Ohio by 25 spots in this Top 50 list of Best Burger Joints in the US. Michigan is #16 while Ohio is #41. Congratulations to Traverse City, Michigan staple Slabtown Cafe and Burgers.
  • Credit Slabtown Burgers Facebook
    Credit Slabtown Burgers Facebook
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    How is the best burger joint ranking determined?

    From Far & Wide--creator of the overall list: These burger joint rankings are based on a combination of Tripadvisor and our own editorial input. The rating is calculated from the number of five-star reviews divided by the total number of reviews.

    • Ranking ascends to "greatness" out of a possible 100 points. Zero being the lowest, 100 being the highest, of course.

    How do you get to the best ranked burger joint in Michigan?

    Slabtown Cafe and Burgers is located at 826 W. Front Street, Traverse City, MI 49684. It's like dining at someone's house indoors or the picnic tables. The restaurant looks like an old-fashioned house in canary yellow. Their joint had 68.2 points while "that place in Ohio" (said like a true Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry) only had 52.7 points.

    Credit Google Street View
    Credit Google Street View

    Just another reason to celebrate Michigan's overall dominance vs "that state to our south."

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