Yes, you read that title right! This coming Sunday is the final day to sign up for the WGRD Pond Hockey Classic at Richmond Hill Park!

If you were hesitating on signing up, this may be your last chance to hesitate!

Actually, you should not be hesitating anymore. Sign up your team of 4 now for one of 4 divisions!

  • Bronze - You play here and there, but mostly for fun
  • Silver - You're pretty good, a bit better than bronze. Let's say you have a game face!
  • Gold - You're a damn good and maybe even own a jersey with your name on it.
  • Co-Ed - Like bronze, something for everyone!

Sunday night at 11:59 pm is the FINAL minute you can sign up for Pond Hockey, so don't miss out!

If you are wondering what kids can do, there is a HUGE sledding hill at Richmond Park! Bring your sleds! However, sled at your own risk though!


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