Where is the most dangerous place in your house when you've been drinking?

Survey says...the stairs!

That's a pretty obvious answer!

The study analyzed emergency room reports since 2009, and it zeroed in on injures people received from being drunk.

Floors came in second, followed by bicycles, ceiling/ walls, windows, beds, tables and chairs. I'm not sure how bicycles fall into this, but the lesson you can take from this is don't ride your bike in your house when you're drunk.

By the way, most of these injures happen to men.

I'll be honest, I don't have to be drunk to injure myself in my apartment. I have one of those pull up bars that fit into a doorway. I was doing pretty good on it, until it came loose and dropped me to the floor. My tailbone hates me.

Anyway, if you're doing some drinking around your home, be careful!