The city of Stockton, California is a lot safer thanks to their local vigilante, a crime-stopping, self-proclaimed Batman!

He prefers to remain anonymous but we can't promise it'll stay that way for very long because according to CBS Sacramento, he's a father of two and hangs out pulling off citizens arrests at a very specific strip mall at a certain store.

Also, he's got an extremely distinct, non-Batman-like, weenie voice!

But we guess the guy fights crime, so who are we to judge?

"They're criminals to which point they're committing crimes in front of my eyes," said "Batman."

So he just genuinely wants to make his community a better place, which is why he's started having his wife record his arrests and post them to his Facebook page, BruceWayne StocktonBatman!

Yeah, he totally doesn't sound like the creepy kid from your high school that never grew out of his comic book phase...

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