The latest Star Wars reference book, Secrets of the Jedi, has been shedding some much-needed light on unanswered questions that have been floating around the cinematic universe.

Recently, we learned that the definition of a "Skywalker" isn't bound to blood. Now, we finally get some closure on a particularly perplexing issue: How can Jedi use their lightsabers to deflect Force Lightning?

Force Lightning has been previously described as the most powerful weapon in a Sith Lord's arsenal. Palpatine uses it to a great extent in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, threatening to destroy the entire Resistance fleet. The reference guide, written from the perspective of Luke Skywalker, describes the situation as such:

"The blade of a lightsaber can be used to block attacks from another lightsaber or to repel incoming blaster fire. In the hands of a skilled master, a lightsaber blade can also be used to redirect that barrage of blasts right back at the enemy who fired them. Seasoned Jedi can even use their lightsabers to block attacks of Force lightning generated by Sith Lords."

So from this, we can gather that using a lightsaber as a shield from Force Lightning takes a lot of training. The guide also gets ultra-specific about what a lightsaber actually consists of — it's "less like swinging a sword" and more like "directing a current of power." So this could explain how Jedi masters are able to use that current of power to absorb the Force Lightning, regardless of its strength.

The lightsabers technically aren't deflecting anything. Rather, they're absorbing the energy and discharging it right back to its source. That's pretty cool.

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