A Holland woman who's boyfriend started a huge apartment fire in his attempts to burn off the fur of a squirrel he intended on eating, is on the hook for some of the costs incurred by the fire.

And no, I didn't make that up.

Appeals court Justices called it a “fur burning escapade” but we call it costly. Those are the descriptions of the fire caused by the man doing cooking prep for the rodent, which rendered a bunch of people temporarily homeless when the fire destoyed their homes.

After years of legal wrangling it comes down to this: a Michigan woman is being held liable for that apartment fire that her boyfriend started. A Court of Appeals in Holland, Michigan ruled yesterday that Barbara Pellow will have to pay two-million-dollars in damages for the 2012 fire at the Clearview Apartments.

Dozens of residents lost everything they had in the blaze after Pellow's boyfriend used a blowtorch to remove the fur from a squirrel on her wooden deck. The owners of the complex said cooking a squirrel on the deck violated her rental agreement, and the court said Pellow was liable because she signed the agreement.

What's missing from every story I've read on this incident: whether Pellow is still with her fire happy boyfriend.

By the way, squirrel tastes just like chicken. Not.

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