Even though it's early in the season, South Haven police have already had to to shut down a beach because of visitors' behavior.

Wood TV 8 reports that South Haven's South Beach was closed for two hours on Wednesday after complaints about hundreds of college students partying on the beach. 

South Haven police say calls started coming in around noon when three busloads of college students unboarded at South Beach. The calls complained of loud music, alcohol consumption, and littering.

It's reported that 300-400 students were present. Police say a  few fights did break out. Four students were arrested as police closed down the beach.

The Kalamazoo College student newspaper, The Index, reports the students were involved in an event called "The Day of Gracious Living".

According to The Index, Sergeant Kyle Griffith from the South Haven Police Department said,

“There was a massive use of alcohol. That’s not allowed—it’s posted everywhere, and impossible to get to the beach without seeing that. See all of those containers in the sand? Those are empty alcohol containers. It’s not tolerated. Those who were disturbing the peace—fighting—have been arrested."

Wood TV 8 reports that South Haven PD is starting an early campaign to get rules out about the beach. More signs about the noise ordinance and that alcohol is prohibited will be posted, along with reminders those rules will be enforced/

Last Fourth of July, South Haven's North Beach was closed when the crowd became violent and several arrests were made.

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