A few weeks ago, I posted about this engineering couple that came up with the coolest thing: Solar Roadways!  These hexagonal panels are built to be roads, parking lots, sidewalks...and they not only have solar panels built into them, but also LEDs to be able to display information, light your way as you drive or walk, and more!

Unfortunately, their Indigogo video was boring as hell, so some lunatic did a much more energetic video to help with the campaign.  He breaks down for us pretty much everything this idea with do for us, and makes us laugh at the same time.  Imagine going to a park, and being able to use the same space, but having the LEDs map out a basketball court, and then a street hockey field, and then a playground for the kids!  This is really cool!

Check out the new video, and then go support the Solar Freakin' Roadways!  Let's make it look like Tron out there!

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