JIBO can be the next creepy robot watching you sleep!  Well, not really, but it sounds funny, doesn't it?

JIBO is a personal assistant AI robot that can help you around the house.  If everything Dr. Cynthia Breazeal says it will do actually works, this will be freaking cool as hell!  It can take pictures for you, follow the action of things going on, help you teach the kids, read to them at night...it's like a little robot butler that can't walk or steal the silverware!

At least the inventor hasn't given it a creepy face that'll stare back at you with dead eyes!

You can get in on the ground floor to get one of these babies right now, and help them get it out on the market!  They had a goal of $100K, but have absolutely CRUSHED that goal, so these things should be hitting the market even better than planned!

Check out the Indiegogo campaign, it's a pretty cool little bot.  Next on their build list should be a robot girlfriend.  I'm already signing up for one of those.

The inventor, Dr. Breazeal is pretty hot, too.

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