Snowboarding legend Shaun White had his last run down the halfpipe at the 2022 Bejing Olympics.

Even though I have never gone snowboarding I have always loved watching the sport. Whether it was the Olympics, X-Games, or just a tournament.

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I firmly believe what Shaun White did for snowboarding was like what Tony Hawk did for skateboarding and made the sport a world phenomenon. Just like when you think skateboarding you think Tony Hawk, when you think snowboarding you think Shaun White.

White has been a joy to watch over the years and like always it has been a joy to watch him compete at the Bejing Olympics. He was almost out of the tournament and had an amazing run that kept him on the hunt for the gold. Unfortunately on that final run, he was unable to complete a landing and that kept him off the podium.

Shaun wound up placing fourth but what was so amazing was watching all of the snowboarders from countries all around the world give him a standing ovation at the end of the run. White is truly respected around the world for what he has accomplished in the sport of snowboarding.

What is crazy when watching the Olympics or X-Games is how many other snowboarders you watch doing tricks White created and perfected throughout his career.

How Many Medals Had Shaun White Won?

Shaun has competed in 5 Olympic games and has won 3 gold medals. In the X-Games White has more medals than any other snowboarder in the halfpipe with 13 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze.

When I was watching Whites' final runs at the Bejing Olympics, I couldn't help but root for the guy. It was sad to see him go down and he was emotional but I don't believe the emotion was not getting a medal. On that final run, he realized it was his last as a competitor.

When a person spends a lifetime doing something they love, then comes the time they have to stop doing what they have dedicated their life to and know its the last time, it is tough. I can relate, no I have never won a gold medal playing guitar but I spent a lifetime performing and recently retired and it was emotional knowing that this is it. Shaun will still snowboard and I will still play guitar but either one of us will be on the big stage and it is tough to deal with.

White is a professional and has left his mark and will continue to influence other snowboarders while being talked about for many years to come.

Way to go Shaun White and THANK YOU for all the thrills!

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