Over the last few weeks, a new movie has been filming around Grand Rapids, and here at the WGRD studios.  Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segel are starring in the movie "The End of the Tour", and have been wandering around our building.

I high-fived Jason Segel in the elevator.  He was very nice.

Wednesday afternoon, walking down the hall from the GRD studio, I saw several people gathered in the conference room, staring out the windows.  When I found out they were watching some parking lot filming, I grabbed my camera to do some of my own.

Here's a scene that will give away the ENTIRE film for you.  Seriously, if you don't want to ruin the movie, you may not want to watch the video.

OK, so it's Jason and Jesse getting into a car.  

But this could be the start of the whole "tour" that the movie is about! Sorry if I spoiled the film for you.

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