Slipknot wrapped up the 'Prepare for Hell' tour with Hatebreed on Saturday night here in Grand Rapids, at the Van Andel Area. Thousands of people packed into the arena for this heavy show, to rage with some phenomenal metal bands!

After Hatebreed kicked everyone's ass to warm up the show, Janna and I got to get up on Slipknot's stage, and say thank you to everyone who came out to the show, and had a great time with us!

Then...the main event! Slipknot!

I've seen these guys a few times, starting from when they were on the second stage at Ozzfest, playing at like 11 a.m., and all the way to this tour, where they have a huge stage set, tons of pyro, and all the bells and whistles they feel like putting on display.

They kicked off with a couple from the new album .5 The Gray Chapter, 'XIX' and 'Sarcastrophe', to get things going, right into 'The Heretic Anthem', and 'Psychosocial'. They used the pyro to great effect, punctuating lyrics like '666' in 'Heretic', and more!

They even got the crowd down on the floor during 'Spit It Out', for their famous 'jump the f*** up' section. You can check that out in the video below.

This was the last night of the 'Prepare For Hell' tour, and what better place to wrap it up, than at a packed Van Andel Arena, right here in Grand Rapids!

If you missed the show...what's wrong with you? These guys are always awesome to see, and you should make sure to come next time!


    The Heretic Anthem
    The Devil in I
    Wait and Bleed
    Frail Limb Nursery
    Before I Forget
    The Negative One
    Spit It Out
    People = Shit

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