Thursday night, UK band SikTh rocked The Intersection while opening for Periphery, with Toothgrinder, and Chon. I've heard a lot about this band, and about their crazy and amazing live performances. They didn't disappoint on the technical music, for sure!

I arrived during the second song of their set, and luckily caught the rest of it. Their music is chaotic and wild, with their two vocalists trading lines rapidly, a lot of times over the top of each other, creating this crazy sound, as the guitars play everything from crunching low riffs, to technical arpeggios.

There's some cool instrumental moments where the guitars and bass play harmony and unison craziness, too. This is definitely something more challenging to listen to. There's a lot going on.

Then there's something different, called "When Will the Forest Speak", that's just one vocalist going nuts, without any music. Check out that one below, as well as "Wait for Something Wild" immediately after.

Interesting band and music. Check them out.

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