We have had so many shootings and gun violence in Grand Rapids this year that it's almost numbing when you hear another story of another shooting. But, this time the shootings are a little bit different since they were with paintball guns, and it happened on Alpine and 3 Mile yesterday morning.

Paintball Guns for Children
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People are talking about the shooting that happened around 10:20 in the morning when the driver of the car hit heard loud cracking sounds, and after parking his car discovered dents and paint on his car. Paintball gun for sure.

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So, what do you do? Call the Police? There have been many times in the past that it wasn't deemed urgent enough because it wasn't a firearm so to speak but a recreational device.

Is it illegal to be shooting at people/cars with a paintball gun in Michigan? Kind of yes, now. The law changed in 2015 to state that a "pneumatic gun" (paintball) was added to the weapons-related violations. It's a thin line, but it's possible a person who violates this section of the law is guilty of two-year misdemeanor.

Courtesy Michigan State Police
Courtesy Michigan State Police

So, whatever was happening on Alpine Avenue yesterday morning was indeed a crime. Like they do on all the television police shows, they should be checking the area cameras. The driver thought the shooting came from the Travel Lodge at 3-Mile and Alpine, so maybe they have security cameras there, or maybe the service stations across the street.

This is starting to sound exciting. Maybe we all could become Private Eyes? Okay, not. But this could have been a dangerous situation and caused injury and an accident, so I would think it may be a good idea for the Police to investigate.


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